The Last Hurrah

Back when my husband and I were a brand new couple in our mid-twenties, we would throw highly anticipated house parties. Every few months, without fail, we’d have a good 30-40 of our closest friends at the time packed into his bachelor pad, booze in tote, ice luge going, beer pong set up, stripper pole installed, ready to have a great time. I have a very distinct memory of this period of my life, and an even clearer memory of my boyfriend telling me, “enjoy this now, it won’t last forever.” At the time, I couldn’t imagine that period of my life ending, but he was right.


I miss those days, I really do. But this was a major learning lesson for me in getting the most out of every moment, being able to anticipate when an era was coming to an end, and going out with a bang whenever possible.  Sometimes it’s easy to identify these moments, but more often than not the moment passes us by. I’ve become much more insightful of circumstances and relationships changing which has helped me cope and manage the transition.

Last year, when we made the decision to start a family, I knew a lot of things were going to change. One of the big ones was that traveling would be harder and perhaps less of a priority. (I still have the strong itch, but not so much the desire to bring a baby on these adventures. Going to the supermarket with a baby is enough of an adventure for me at the moment.) In knowing that I would hopefully soon be pregnant, I took one last trip overseas with one of my best friends. We visited a few cities but the most memorable to me was Amsterdam. I fell in love with the life of this city, the culture, the mood, the food, the energy, all of it. And exploring it with one of my best friends, we didn’t have a care in the world. We spent the days roaming the streets, and the nights hanging at the Bulldog Cafe, just taking it all in.  I felt young, wild, and free — something I knew I wouldn’t likely get to feel again for a long time.

I was pregnant within weeks of coming home.  My husband likes to joke that I probably met some Dutch guy on my trip.

I could live in that moment at the Bulldog Cafe forever, and sometimes, when I need an escape, that’s what I do. I’ve built up some great memories, many “last hurrah’s” that I go back and visit from time to time. Because even though the moment can’t last, the memory will stay with me for a lifetime.

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