Up All Night

This year brought a lot of exciting moments. Aside from being a new parent, a lot of my good friends got married. It seemed the second surge of nuptials hit me like a tidal wave. I was a bridesmaid 3 more times this year. It was a lot, but also gave me great cause for celebration and opportunity to hang with my favorite girls.

So with all the weddings come the typical showers and bachelorette parties, and while the showers are basically the same, bachelorettes are slightly different now. Sure we still party and often travel, but there are some obvious differences beyond absence of matching outfits and penis paraphernalia.

As I prepared to attend my former college roommate’s bachelorette in Montreal, I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I knew what our daily activities would look like but when it came to night, I wasn’t sure how I’d fair. Being a new mom, I wasn’t accustomed to late nights out anymore unless they involved a crying baby and a bottle of milk. But if I’m being real, I haven’t been accustomed to late nights for longer than that. Over the years I found myself enjoying the day drinking of brunch rather than the night drinking until the sun comes up.  I didn’t want to be a party pooper. I was going to try to hang, but I was worried.

Lucky for me and to my surprise, the girls were on the same page with me. Us girls who not too long ago were slaying the party scene were finally starting to calm down. This didn’t mean that we wouldn’t have the occasional late night it just meant we were fine with coming home when the time was right.

None of these girls were moms yet, so perhaps it didn’t really have to do with that at all. Maybe we just don’t want to be hungover, or tired to the point of not functioning the next day.  Maybe we don’t need to be in a noisy crowded bar to enjoy each other’s company. Maybe we pay enough in rent/mortgage to call it quits at midnight on occasion and have a nightcap at home. Maybe there’s just more to life than partying all night long.

And still, we find ourselves making our own dance floor in a random bar in Montreal, requesting songs to the DJ, drawing a crowd and befriending strangers. Months later at another bachelorette it was much of the same. Maybe for bachelorettes we make an exception. Or maybe every so often it’s not such a bad thing to let loose and not let the clock dictate what comes next. And maybe it’s not such a bad thing to take it easy a lot of the time. It’s just nice to know that we’re on the same page.


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