We were close once

We were close once 

in another time, another place.

Sometimes I wonder what happened,

other times I wish things were different, 

other times I just reminisce about what we had

and the memories we made.


We were close once,

seems like 100 years ago

and yesterday at the same time;

the memory of your face

so close I can almost touch it

before it fades away.


We were close once, 

our connection so undeniable

it feels just as strong today as it did then

when I think about it

even though it’s been days, weeks, months, years

since we last spoke.

How did we let it slip away?


We were close once.

You left your imprint on my heart

and I was never the same after that.

I hope I left mine with you too,

but I guess I’ll never know for sure.


We were close once

but we had to say good-bye

as life pulled us in different directions

(I could never say good-bye)


We were close once

Do you remember? 

I remember 

and always will


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