Work in Progress

Twelve years ago this month I started my career. Seven years ago today I started working at my current job. I am been lucky enough to work in a field that focuses on doing good in the world, so even on my worst days, I could go home knowing that I made a positive impact on the world – that my work mattered.

And trust me, there have been many shitty days. Shitty years even. I can’t count the amount of times my toes have been stepped on, the amount of times I had to swallow my pride, the times that work had frustrated me or stressed me out to the point of tears. But it has all made me a stronger person. I’ve learned to take criticism and internalize it and improve and grow. This is a lesson I’ve carried into my personal life. I’ve learned and continue to learn to advocate for myself, because there will be times that no one will advocate for you. 

I’ve experienced major set backs. I’ve struggled to get ahead. I never had the honor of being the recipient of nepotism. Every move in my career was made in merit, with the educational set up my parents gracefully granted me. 

I’ve seen so many transitions. Hirings, firings, re-orgs. I’ve experienced company re-brands and name changes, new strategic plans, and office moves. I’ve experienced HR dramas and office romances. I’ve received fair and unfair performance reviews. I’ve gone years without a raise or a bonus. I’ve waited for months and years for promotions.  I’ve attempted to take manners into my own hands by going back to school. I have never stopped growing. 

I’ve had incredible mentors, colleagues that became friends, even one who became my husband. I have learned so much about people and how to work with different personalities and appreciate their contributions. 

I’ve set career goals. Big ones that I consciously work towards every day, no matter what is going on. I celebrate my wins if only for a moment, then I get right back to work. 

And I won’t stop. Hell, I’m just getting started. I have goals. Big goals. And I’m gunning for them, no matter what it takes, no matter how long it takes. I know my potential and I won’t let anything hold me back. 

Shameless plug: A video I worked on is nominated for a prestigious award! Please watch this important video and vote for it!

I took this photo at my first job working at an organization that ran an art gallery. The installation in the corner, “Work in Progress” is the inspiration for this post’s title.

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