Past Lives

They tell you
Don’t dwell on the past
That the past is in the past
That time heals pain
That you can’t mend your mistakes
That you shouldn’t have regrets
They tell you
To leave the past behind
Forget the past

But sometimes, your past
sneaks up on you
Calls out your former name
When you least expect it
When you are focused on the present
When you are unprepared
And in that moment, you are back
When you were different
Everything was different
But somehow still the same
So you take one last longing stare
Before the moment passes you by
And you think to yourself
Look how far I’ve come 

Because you can’t just leave your past
It’s always with you
Like a deep layer of skin
It helped define you
You build from it, the good and bad
The love and the heartbreak
The right and wrong decisions
The regrets of dreams unfulfilled
Of mistakes made
Of lessons learned the hard way
Of love lost
Or promises broken 

And sometimes,
You can go back
Right the wrongs
Say the words you never got to say
Close chapters left unfinished
Rewrite endings

And sometimes,
You open a can of worms
That’s been left untapped, unexplored
Sometimes you don’t get closure
But you do get validation

That’s the risk you take when past lives
Tap you on the shoulder
And don’t let you ignore them
Because they probably have something important to say

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