Home Sweet Home

IMG_6538 (1)After over a decade of apartment living, I’m so excited to share that my husband and I are now homeowners!

It was quite a journey getting to this point, and there were so many times I didn’t think it would happen. The Wall Street Journal was reporting that this was the worst market for home buyers in 20 years. To top it off, I was looking in one of the most expensive markets in the country, without having the means to buy one of those pricey homes. We were looking for a hidden gem, and we found one. 

We searched for seven months through hundreds of listings, toured dozens of homes. We had one failed bid. We had one successful bid. 

Every house at my goal price point had a dozen bids on it. Every house that was priced to sell did. Every house went to best and highest within days of going on the market. I knew the status of every house. I knew how rarely houses at my goal price were going on the market. I knew we had to strike with alacrity. We would have to put our best foot forward, even if we were nervous, anxious, and uncertain. It was a seller’s market. 

Our new home had a dozen bids on it and we made it to the top three. What pushed us over the edge was a letter I had wrote to the owner explaining my family dynamics and how the home was perfect for our needs, and it resonated with the owner. 

The seller bought the house brand new over 50 years ago and he took meticulous care of it. Aside from some personal preferences, it’s completely move in ready. 

I met the owner the other night. He showed me how things worked and offered me some tools to keep. He told me how the person who built the house still lived in the neighborhood; how he and his wife raised two daughters and had two dogs there; how happy they all were. He offered me his number in case I ever had any questions. He said he hoped we’d be as happy as he had been there. 

And in that moment, I could picture the young man he used to be, watching his daughters play on the swing set that once sat in the front yard. I, too, hope we can be as happy as he had been there. 

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