Making a House a Home


It’s been over three weeks since I moved into my house, so of course everyone keeps asking me how it is. My answer typically goes something like this: “I love it, but we have a lot of work to do.”

One of the things I first loved about the house was that it was “move-in ready.” It really and truly was. We were lucky enough to buy from the original owner who was a very detail oriented man who really cared for his property. He maintained the house so well and left behind all the paperwork, user manuals, and warranties we would need in an orderly fashion. He even left behind cleaning supplies, a leaf blower, light bulbs for every kind of light in the house, ladders, and other items to help maintain the property.

He didn’t do a ton of modernizing upgrades. He only updated the things he felt necessary. The house came with central air, an automatic garage, and a chair lift for our family members that have trouble with the stairs. The only update I felt was needed immediately was to add overhead lights to the rooms, and I was lucky enough to have a handy man in the family able to get on that right away.

Soon, we started to notice other minor things we wanted to upgrade to make our routines easier. A light sensor for the driveway; reflectors to back out of the winding driveway; something to make the basement door automatically shut so the baby wouldn’t fall down the stairs; adjustments to the shelving on the closets, and so on (again, lucky for our family handy man!)

I also started thinking of all the long term upgrades I wanted to make. This actually got me really excited. I never thought I’d get excited envisioning an upgraded kitchen or deck but here we are.

But I know I’m getting ahead of myself. As I plan for the future, I’m still in boxes, trying to find a home for everything; trying to furnish, paint, decorate. I’m still trying to get into my groove. I’m still trying to feel comfortable.

And it takes time, I get that. I just have this vision that I so badly want to come true. I want my home to be the place where I can feel love, where I can relax and have fun. And I really want my home to be a place people want to come visit. My vision is so clear, for the first time in a long time, and now that I know what I want, I want it now. I just can’t wait for my house to become a home, one light fixture at a time.



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